Panickly Repinning

A new word.  I’ve penned a new word.  Panickly.  Yep, just used it in a sentence.  “People were panickly repinning my pin.”  I like it.  I used it.  I’ll own it.  I think it is a nice blend between Panicking and Frantically.  We panicked, frantic people don’t have time to use both words, so we need to combine them.  OK, but I think I should share why I used it and why people are panickly repinning my pin.  Because Thanksgiving is in two days and people in the church who work with children recognize that soon….very soon….we have to come up with some sort of Christmas Pageant.

I am excited to say that in my very small church we have a very small cast to consider and we tailor the play to fit the age of the kids.  All 6-7 children will get the part of their choice and there will be no shortage of laughter.  One year, we had a 3 year old angel do the entire show with her eyes tightly shut.  She tripped over shepherds and dancing angels and even knocked over a plastic kneeling Joseph.

To say that our production is a little different than many larger churches is an understatement.  Our options are limited and our practices are few.  We have no budget and sometimes very little audience.  We do however, bless whomever chooses to attend.  The gift of children at Christmas is not to be overlooked.  Even with our limitations, we have started thinking about this years’ event. After perusing Pinterest, we’ve picked the date and are looking at some options that might work with our young cast, but the details are still very sketchy.  At least we know the plot of the story – that never changes.  Having a great couple of volunteers to plan this with makes me even excited to get started…which we will eventually do.

However, seeing others panickly repinning my pin makes me realize that we are ahead of the game.  Thank you all!


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