Reason for the Season

photo of bible-ads

One day past Thanksgiving and I am thinking about Christmas.  I am still in my pajamas savoring the sleeping family, a cup of tea and time to reflect.  Thanksgiving was amazing.  I celebrated with my entire family at my Mom’s house on Wednesday.  Thirty Six in All!  Then, I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving day with my in-laws with only one family member missing.  THAT is what I’m thankful for.  The time together and the laughter.  The games and the hilarity of everyone playing them.  THAT is what I’m thankful for.  However, the biggest thing that I’m thankful for is the God who gave me all of these blessings.  A God who knew before I was born who should constitute my family.  Who knows who I need right now.  It’s Him I want to thank and HIM who I want to be thankful for.

So,  today as I prepare to honor Him on His birthday in only 27 days from now, I get scared.  Scared that I’ll get lost.  I may lose the meaning of the whole holiday.  I might get tangled up in a web of tinsel and commercialism.  I might actually believe that a present I buy for one of my children might make them happy.  When, in reality, it’s never about the gift that can be put under the tree.  It’s all about the gift of Jesus that our Savior has given us!  How can I display that this year?  I won’t be able to ice that message on the top of a sugar cookie.  It won’t be evident on the wrapping paper and it won’t necessarily be an ingredient in the caramel corn.   I don’t know how to get the message across, but I sincerely hope to spend the next 27 days trying to come up with ways to remind myself and others about our real celebration.

It’s may appear to be a slight margin, but I think the picture shows that the Bible still has more to say on the subject than all these sales ads.


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  1. Akriti

    Lovely post 🙂


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