Ten Days Til Christmas

Soon, Kaylee will come downstairs and run to the chalkboard and change the number to say “10 days ’til Christmas.”  Every year these countdown Santas, Snowmen & Candles have been a part of our season of Christmas traditions.  Only this year have I recognized that counting down to December 25 isn’t doing the season justice.

We have already celebrated Christmas in many ways.  We’ve decorated our house with twinkle lights, we have sung songs at the Senior Center.  I have spent a day with girlfriends shopping for others.  We attended a tree-trimming party.  In 10 days we will wake early, open presents, lunch with family & go to bed tired.  It will be an incredible blessed day….it always is.  BUT, the advent season is the fun part.  I’ve decided to change the countdowns in my  mind.  Not to just countdown to the 25th, but count down to the events leading up to it.

10 Days til Christmas


9 Days til the Candlelight Service at Church;

6 Days til the Children’s Christmas Pageant and Tureen Dinner

4 Days til the Elementary School’s Christmas Concert

3 Days til the Girl Scouts go caroling at the Nursing Home

1 Day til the Dance Class Christmas Party

12 hours til the Big Brother Big Sister Christmas Party

3 hours til I get to go shopping with Lori and have a festive lunch out.

And, 45 minutes until I get the joy of seeing Kaylee run down the stairs and change the chalkboard.

This is what it’s all about!  I intend to celebrate Jesus’s birthday at each of these events and thank Him for the opportunity!


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