Let’s Play A Game!

This Easter I had the opportunity to visit with my Mom and my Aunt Martha.  We were reminiscing about different times in life and I had to share with Aunt Martha how impressed I was with her one time and how I feel sure that if I were in her shoes things would have looked a lot differently.

A few years ago, Aunt Martha fell and dislocated her shoulder, she was in a lot of pain and went by ambulance to the hospital. My Mom and I met her at the hospital and were able to stay with her while she waited for treatment.  The poor thing had to wait for what seemed like hours for doctors to come in and decide how to best treat her injury.  She was feeling miserable and was trying to think of a way to distract herself from the pain.  After a bit of moaning & whimpering, she said, “Let’s Play A Game! Let’s play books of the Bible!  I’ll go first: Genesis.”  My Mom took her turn, “Exodus.”  OH GREAT!  Can you even believe this?  Who thinks of a “game” like this? I’m sure I’m going to take the Bronze in this event with its’ three participants!  I muscled out “Leviticus” but after that I knew my goose was cooked!  I couldn’t compete with these godly women, avid Bible readers! They had a few laughs at my expense as I muddled my way through the ones I knew and remained amazed at their knowledge.

I continue to be impressed with these sisters. I feel so blessed to know women who know the Bible and call it up when in need of distraction and comfort.  God Bless Them.  I know He will.

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