Answers for Everything

Google has answers for everything or at least it’s a great place to start.  I didn’t recognize how much I used this resource until one night my daughter called me from college and asked, “How long does it take to microwave a baked potato?”  I replied, “Google it.”  She said, “What?  Google a Mom?”  Wow.  True.  The things we used to ask our Mom we can now ask Google.  When is daylights saving time?  How do you get an ink stain out of a sweatshirt?  What can I use in this recipe if I don’t have Cream of Mushroom soup?

However, I find it empowering to use Google.  We tease my son that he is the resident IT guy and I am constantly asking him questions and asking him to show me how to do things with my electronics.  How do I download photos from my phone to my computer?  How can I get Netflix to work on the TV? How can I use drop box on my iPad?  Finally, he told me the secret to his success!  He said, “Mom, you know a lot of the time, I just type your question in to the Google search bar.”  Amazing.  I, too, can find out the answers!  I have the ability!  It has been so freeing to be able to do these things on my own!

Just this week alone, Google has answered age old questions like, “How do I turn off the keyboard mouse on my new Toshiba laptop, What are Pepitas, & How do you replace the batteries in a Multiplication Twist & Shout?”

Though Google can provide answers, it can’t provide relationships.  There is nothing quite like the bonding that occurs as your son shows you yet again how to download the photos.  (I can download them, I can just never find the darn things again!)  Or the way he rolls his eyes when his answer is, “It’s not plugged in, that’s why it won’t work!!”

Since I have mastered the way to get answers to all my questions, I guess I’ll have to be more intentional in engaging my kids in conversation. This will free up our time to talk about things that really matter.  And, when they call me with questions, I’ll just be typing quietly in the background to find them out.


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