Foxburg, PA

George biking

Today my husband and I traveled to Foxburg, PA.  It’s a 24 minute trip by car over beautiful green rolling hills.  You pass farms bright with red barns, tulips blooming in yards and trillium that God planted years ago blooming white on the hillsides. Even yards full of golden yellow dandelions brighten the spirits as the sun shines down on this gorgeous day. When we arrived at Foxburg, a small town labeled as placid on it’s own website, it felt like we were on vacation.

We rode our bikes on the paved bike trail to Parker, PA and then returned to Foxburg for a lunch of Taco Pizza at Foxburg Pizza.  Driving along the Allegheny River and over the Clarion River on this beautiful day was a real treat.  God outdid himself in this section of the country! Splendorous! (Isn’t that a fun word?) On our ride we saw flowers of yellow, red, purple and white, and birds of blue, red and shades of brown,  We stopped and took a couple of photos of the calm river and a Canadian Goose swimming by.  These are things we take photos of while on vacation, but rarely recognize the value of them on a random Friday morning.  Today, I paused to see them.  We have all heard to take time to smell the roses, and yet we rarely do it.

Last September we had the pleasure of entertaining our friends from Ipswich, England for a week.  We celebrated a Stay-cation with them here.  In that week, we celebrated all sorts of day trips.  One day we drove to Foxburg, and had lunch outside on the deck at the Allegheny Grille, we bought a bottle of wine at the Foxburg Wine Cellars and sat under the grape arbor to enjoy a glass. The day was wonderful. I looked over at my husband, George, and said (while twirling my stemware in my hand,) “This is so nearby for us, why don’t we do this more often?”  To which he replied, “Because, it’s Tuesday!”  So true.  What is there to celebrate on a Tuesday (surviving Monday perhaps?)  The point I’m trying to make is that we often have treasures in our own back yard that we don’t take the time to enjoy.  I challenge you to take a look at your hometown and see what it has to offer that might give you the respite from routine that you need.

I came home from my morning refreshed and renewed and excited about discovering the joy of a morning of relaxation. Now it’s time for me to close. I am going to make myself a frozen lemonade and sit on the deck in the sun, read a book and pretend I’m on vacation until the school bus brings my kiddos home!

And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow? They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.   –Matthew 6:28


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