Clutter Clutter Everywhere

I broke my hand 5 weeks ago and the family has done an awesome job of keeping up with the household chores, but the clutter is getting out of control.  Piles of paper, stacks of stuff, bits and pieces of things no one knows where to place.  It begins at the door where we enter as mail, permission slips, reminder notes, newspapers, lunch boxes and shoes are strewn, then in an effort to tidy, the items move to new locations. They migrate to a different room and get neatly placed and stacked….until someone needs something and a search ensues.  Piles get dug through, dumped, re-stacked in multiple places until an item is found and the piles are abandoned only to be picked up again, placed in baskets or on tables in the hopes of this clutter finding a home.

My inability to lift has made this whole process even more challenging as i have to only lift one piece of clutter at a time.  Slowly pondering and placing again.  My daughter comes weekly in the hopes of me freeing some of these things and getting them out of the house, but they come in faster than I have the ability to chase them out.

So, yesterday, I saw an article online: 10 Ways to Rid Your Home of Clutter.  I promptly read it in hopes of changing.  The moment I hit the “print” button, I realized what I had done.  In the hopes of clearing clutter, I created one more piece of paper to place on one more unstable pile.  As quickly as I could, I hit the red X on the printer and aborted the mission.  My work here is done.  Yesterday I freed myself of one piece of clutter by recycling the half printed article on Clutter.  It may not look like much, but It’s a start.


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