I’m An Old Mom!

I’m an old mom.  I’m chronologically old for being the mom of a 9 year old, but I’m also an Old (AKA experienced Mom) as I’ve been at this for over 25 years.  This can be both a good thing and a bad thing.  Let me just share.

This week my 9 year old daughter wanted to give me a tattoo.  Not wanting to disappoint and in an attempt to try to be hip and trendy, I allowed her to choose this large, colorful tattoo.  I chose to have it on my inner wrist as I thought that was cool positioning.  I did request she do a really neat job of it as I would have it on for the church picnic.  She was taking this task very seriously and applied it carefully.  She held the wet sponge on my wrist for a proper length of time and was carefully removing the paper backing when I saw a flaw.  Some discoloration was fading out the bottom of the tattoo.  I was disappointed that the tattoo didn’t have clear boundaries and asked her to be more gentle and slow in removing it.  Turns out the tattoo was fine.  The discoloration was simply an age spot.  True Story.

So I have some age spots, but I also have some wisdom.  I have been at this long enough to know that it truly doesn’t matter if I have a tattoo on my inner wrist for a church picnic.  It also doesn’t matter too much if remnants of glitter tattoos linger on her summer bruised legs longer than I had hoped;.  It doesn’t matter if you have to buy cookies from Sam’s Club instead of baking them.  My kids are not practicing math facts every day this summer, they aren’t even completing all their chores each day.  What they are doing is having fun.  They are going to camp, swimming, building forts, making friends, playing four square & staying in PJs if we don’t have to go out.  One BIG reason for this is that I’m an old mom. I’m too tired to diligently instruct & too tired to plan the summer as all the Parenting magazines suggest.  I’ve read the articles, I’ve made attempts.  I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed.  Now that I’m old, I’m letting my kids figure out summer just like I had to when I was a kid.  My mom didn’t hold the role of Activities Director and somehow the neighbor kids and I figured out how to have a good time.

So, whether you are a young Mom scheduling, planning & creating things with your kids or if you are an older mom who lets your kids figure it out on their own, I wish you much success.  I hope this is the best summer ever for all involved!


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