Back to School Bible Verse of the Week

Walk with the wise, and become wise for a friend of fools suffers harm. – Proverbs 13:20

My kids have gone back to school…..(I’ll try not to add the word “finally.”)  But, my kids have gone back to school…FINALLY.  It seems like the last week of summer vacation is always the worst.  It makes them returning to academia kind of bitter sweet.  Yes, I’ll miss the lazy days of summer, but there are some things I won’t miss! (The bickering, squabbling, etc…..But, I digress.)

So, the start of school always inspires the start of new traditions.  A time of new habits, new hopes and this year is no different.  I want to start the school year off with a new Bible verse of the week to help them in their school success.  I selected Proverbs 13:20 because once the home room bell rings, the drama will begin with the friends.  Some new, some old, but all have changed a bit over summer.  In Kindergarten everyone is “friends” with everyone…the teacher insists on it, but as the kids grow up, you find they will begin selecting their own friends and it may not be dependent on the proximity of their desk.  (In First grade, your best friend is usually the kid sitting one desk from yours in any direction.  You have a pool of 4 kids to choose from unless you branch out to those sitting diagonally too!)

My kids head off to school and have lots of choices to make.  What to wear on the first day, should they pack or buy lunch and who will be their friend and also the person who will influence all their decisions.  Scary thought, but very true.  So, this week…Week #1, we will focus on choosing wise friends to help them become wise because if they choose to be a friend of fools, they will suffer harm.  It is my prayer that my children will choose wise and better yet, I pray they will be the wise friend chosen by others.

Walk with the wise, and become wise for a friend of fools suffers harm. – Proverbs 13:20

Also for my kids the incentive to concentrate on this verse is the ability to earn $1 if you can memorize it!  Good Luck!


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