Lord, Be With…

Pray without ceasing.  –1 Thessalonians 5:17

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.                                             —Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

I just laid down to try to take a nap.  I was up all night tossing and turning and praying and today I can barely accomplish the necessary tasks because my mind is racing and my heart is aching for so many people.  I just keep praying. Trying to fight fear with faith and stand in the gap for so many.  I’m sure I’m not unlike others who go about their day working and praying.

Today I prayed for all of the folks at the funeral home that were attending to view a man in his 30’s who died of a motorcycle accident, his young widow who he married last year, his parents, her parents, his siblings, their friends who try to support them during this time, the wait staff at the restaurant his dad owns as they serve people tonight after the funeral.  I prayed for my safety in the rain as I drove to and fro.  I prayed for my sister in law’s family as her dad had an unexpected complication and is in the hospital.  Wisdom for the nurses, doctors, and all others who care for him.  Peace for his kids, his wife, him.  For all the peple who know them, who reach out to them, who want to help and don’t know how.

Yesterday I lifted Jean up.  A clerk at a grocery store.  I don’t know her but I’ve seen her face there for years. I asked Him to go before my note to the teacher, to allow me to rest, and for comfort for a family who lost their son a couple of weeks ago.  I asked him to direct my daughter’s path, to help her in an interview, to keep my daughter safe while climbing, to encourage my son to do his best, to heal my pesky cold, to make my phone ring with awaited news. For healing for a friend in the Netherland’s mother, for him to know God, and thanks for us knowing this family at all. Prayers for a heroine addict who has gone into a treatment facility and for her family who struggles with her addiction. I begged the Lord to heal broken marriages and strengthen all the marriages of my friends & family. I asked for blessings for a man on the street, a man at a mailbox and a lady who appeared frustrated in a car.

I had the opportunity to tell the widow last night that “Strangers are praying for you.”  Isn’t that the truth?  Don’t we pray when we hear a siren, see a fire truck or a crying child.  Don’t we ask for prayers for tragedies we see on the news or over hear in the grocery store?  It is quite a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer and to not need to be “anxious for anything.”  Praying as I do also makes me wonder how many others are praying for me?  I know I am uplifted in prayer.  I can feel it.  I know on certain days, people hear a quiver in my voice and pray for my strength, the hear my scratchy throat and pray for my health.  They see my frustration with my kids and pray for my patience.  I appreciate it.

May you all be included in my prayers.  Dear Lord, be with anyone who reads this post.  Let them remember to always turn to you and to pray without ceasing. Thank you for all the prayers they will pray for me. Amen


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