Parker, PA

Parker Bridge

Since I have a travel category on this blog, I figure I better add some “travel” blog posts.  And, sometimes we don’t travel very far, but the destination turns out to be a bit nicer than we expect.  Parker, PA is one of those travel adventures.

In September, I had the opportunity to visit Parker, Pennsylvania…the “Smallest City in the USA.”  Along the Allegheny River, it sits unassuming and would appear to have nothing to offer as a destination.  But, when you take the time to park the car & get out you realize that there is more than just the road that you drive on as you pass through.

We attended a ceremony as Parker, PA became a Trail Town for the North Country Trails.  A Trail Town is a community that sits along the North Country Trail that supports hikers with services. (aka Food & Bathrooms & signage so you can find said food and bathrooms.)

The ceremony (full details in October 6 issue) which took place along the beautiful river took only about 15 minutes and then attendees had the opportunity to hike the trail at various spots and various challenge levels.  We chose a rather simple hike across the bridge and on the North Country Trail to the Clarion River.  The most challenging part of our hike was crossing the Allegheny River on the historic truss bridge.  This bridge built in 1934 is one of the longest in the area and crosses the river at a wide spot and crosses an abandoned rail line (now know as the North Country Trail.) The bridge has a unique appearance as it has a rather steep grade(slope) of 6.32%…in novice hiker terms means that you may get winded walking across it.  After the up”hill” climb on the bridge, we enjoyed a level walk along the river.  The trail is paved and we were greeted by bicyclist  and other walkers/hikers.

We finished our morning out by having lunch at the Riverstone Lounge & Grille.  A fun surprise to find an extensive menu and good food.  (Right in my own back yard!)

So my point to this post is to tell you to view your activities as if you are on vacation….even if you are only in a neighboring town.  You may find all sorts of treasures if you are open to exploring a little bit.


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