Today I Write

So each morning when my alarm goes off, I take a second to become alert and then I try to figure out what day it is and what my obligations are for that day.  Is it a school day? Do the kids need to catch the bus? Do I have an appointment? Do I need to dress or will I be wearing sweats all day around the house?  In that second, my mood rises to meet the demands of the day. Today I woke and thought, “Today I Write.”

I prepared my mind last night for this day. Yesterday I cleaned the house, did the laundry, took care of some pesky emails, busied myself with chores and little responsibilities that occupy my brain so that today I could write. However, is it human nature that even when I design the circumstances, I can still fool myself into thinking I should be doing something else. So, on my “Today I Write” day I feel like cleaning the basement. I feel like baking. I feel like today would be the perfect day to go into the attic and organize the Halloween costumes. What?! Why do I do that? On days when I have appointments all day, I “feel” like I would clean my entire house if I could just stay home. But, if I have a day at home, I find my desire to go shopping overrules the cleaning up inclination. Is it me or do all creative procrastinators do this?

So, today I write. It’s time to do just that. Write. I am going to do this. I hope that you follow through today and do what you intend to do. I think we will all feel better if we are just true to ourselves and do just that. Today I write.

But, wait, was that the phone ringing? Maybe it’s someone who wants to do lunch!


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