New Jeans

l-145314            I am wearing new jeans.  I bought them for myself as a “treat.”  Well, actually they were a necessity as I needed to size up for comfort after my winter of snacking and too much TV time.  Regardless, I bought a new pair of jeans.  I wanted to buy a tall size, but no stores seem to keep that size in stock, so I put on the average length and thought I’d make do.  It felt like a good idea.  I was comfortable with my decision.

Today, however, I am not comfortable with my decision and also not comfortable in my new jeans.  My ankles show a bit, I’m constantly tugging on them and I simply do not like my new jeans.  But, I bought them so I should wear them.  I wore them yesterday…tug, pull, twist, shift.  I put them on today, the same tug-pull-twist-shifting is occurring.  I am not comfortable.  The KonMari method of tidying asks you to consider “Does it bring you joy?” when you are deciding what you want in your home.  I evaluated my clothes last year and I touched each piece and recognized that tugging, pulling, twisting and shifting do not bring me joy.  I donated many items that cause me to do those things.  But, these jeans?  They’re new!  Can I donate them?  Can I justify owning them for less than 24 hours?  I figured out how to do just that.  OK, so I spent money on them.  Probably the equivalent of a dinner out.  A Bourbon Street Steak, with an Apple Chimicheescake dessert and drink at Applebees.  I do that lots of times and I don’t hold on to those items.  (The dinner probably made me almost as uncomfortable as these jeans do!) The result is the same.  I spent the money and have nothing to show for it.

These jeans are going.  They don’t bring me joy like I had hoped.  If I choose to wear them they will be a constant reminder of my poor purchase and the cash that could’ve stayed in my wallet.  They might bring me joy when I picture the lucky Average (not Tall) shopper at the Salvation Army who happens on this pair of nearly new jeans.  They will be thrilled and will talk about the wonderful deal they got!  My congratulations to them, and, also to me.  My donation to the Salvation Army shopper is probably better for both of us than a dinner out alone. Maybe she’ll take the cash she saved and treat herself to something special too.


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