Pen vs. Computer

maxresdefault       And today the Pen wins!!!  This is my first blog post in a long time and let me tell you why. Technology.  I knew that since I hadn’t used my lap top computer in a while, passwords would be changed, systems would need updated and it would simply take time to get back on track after a summer break.  I had no idea how frustrating it would truly be!

This morning I woke and I did my typical routine.  Fix a cup of tea, head to my dining room table, open up my Bible and my journal, pick up my favorite pen and write.  It’s as simple as that.  At one point, I wanted to see a dictionary definition of “integrity” and I stood up, walked across the room, got out the dictionary and looked it up.  Easy Peasie.

After spending time in my devotions, I decided to blog.  I have a routine for that too. Different room, different tools, different mindset.  I head upstairs to my studio to turn on the computer.  Took a long time to power up.  Typed in my password.  Incorrect.  Typed same password in a few more times.  Incorrect.  Tried various other passwords I sometimes use. Try Again.  My helpful computer told me that I needed to visit the website to reset my password.  However, I can’t sign on to visit said website.  Head back downstairs to the desk top computer, thankful I even have a desktop computer and begin the process to reset the password.  After receiving the reset code in an email, I can enter it in and set a new password.  Not enough letters.  Needs to include a number. Case sensitive. Not a password I have used in the past.  Finally, I have a new password. I am hopeful that I can remember the password. I can now simply head upstairs and start up my laptop.  It runs slow.  I’m sure there is a reason why but I don’t have the time to figure it out (since I spent most of my morning trying to get it to turn on.)  Finally, after a few more trips up and down the stairs, I am able to type a document on my computer.  Aaaaah.  Computers are so much more efficient than a pen and a piece of paper…..but maybe not in this house!


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