Time Well Spent?

clock-bible-wood-concept-showing-few-minutes-to-twelve-o-focus-41026617A few weeks ago, I attended 3 meetings for church.  Now, it is rare that I would have 3 meetings in one week, but it did make me think.  I, and many others, spent 4.5 hours in meetings discussing the best ways to do the Lord’s work.  I had to drive to and from the meetings, so that’s another 20 minutes gone. (Good thing I live close!)  I had to prepare for the meeting, grab a pen, a notebook, a bottle of water, put on my shoes, brush my teeth, another 30 minutes?  That’s at least 320 minutes devoted to attending meetings in a single week.  So, it made me wonder if that time was well spent.  It was definitely necessary.  I have a commitment to committees and there is church business that needs to be addressed.  There was good discussion and we did accomplish some things, so it wasn’t a waste of time by any means, but was it time well spent?  Could that time have been better spent visiting a sick person in the hospital?  Could I have read to my child? Could I have phoned an elderly relative? Could I have volunteered at a soup kitchen?  I’m sure there is a lot I could’ve done.  I wonder, what changes would our church see if everyone who had attended those meetings had spent that much time reading their Bible that week?  What if we had spent 5 + hours in prayer?  We will never know because I did indeed spend that time in meetings, but I do hope in the future to be more aware.  Sometimes the meeting needs me…and sometimes the meeting needs me to be praying.  I’m certain that God can accomplish much more than I can anyway!

Pray without ceasing. –1 Thes. 5:17 KJV


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  1. This is so true.. Read Mueller’s autobiography and become really convicted about prayer. Too busy to pray….than just too busy…I reckon. Thanks Linda.


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