It’s 8:10!

stress-mother-running-late-kids-city-school-work-rushing-her-children-funny-concept-44472363So it happened again this morning.  I was writing an email to a dear friend, catching up on things as K was quietly reading a book by the light of the lamp.  Quiet time before a busy day of plans.  Just as I was wrapping up my letter, I glanced at the bottom right corner of the screen to see the numbers 8:10 AM.  OH DEAR!

“It’s 8:10!!” and the scramble begins.  The bus will be here in two minutes!  At our house that means we need to close the book, find a jacket, get it on, find the backpack, pick it up, get in the car, wait for the garage door to open, back out of the garage, drive like a maniac over the fall leaf covered drive and get to the end of our lane.  Aaaaah.  It appears we made it.  Looking right down the road we see a kid, backpack on, standing calmly waiting.  I wonder what her last few minutes at home were like?  Was her mother screaming like a crazy person?

You would think that I would get better at this, and maybe I have a bit.  The 8:10 Battle Cry isn’t shouted as often, but I’ve been doing this for a few years, 22 to be exact.  When my 2 older children were in elementary school, we weren’t distracted by quiet reading and emailing (we didn’t even have email then!) we were distracted with Cheerios on the floor, lost library books and missing shoes.  When my 7 and 5 year were headed out the door, I also had a 3 year old trying to dress herself for preschool in a tutu and wearing wings.  She was a calm child and didn’t seem to participate in the morning stress routine.  One morning after we made the race to the bus stop, she said, “Mom, What does 810 mean?”  I gave her a puzzled look and she said, “I don’t know what 810 means.  I just hear you yell it and we race out the door.”  I guess she thought that maybe it was a word, like “vamoose” which means to depart quickly or scat, hightail, skedaddle or begone.  “No, honey, 8:10 is a time. We are ruled by the clock in this house.”  8:10 on the clock is like the gun going off in a race and some days we are not even in the starting blocks, sometimes we are still straggling in from the locker room and not even ready to think about starting the day.

Today, though, we made the bus, we actually were prepared and were ready for the race, we just got a bit distracted while in the blocks, but we made it.  A great start to another day.  May you be as blessed!


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  1. Susan Anderson

    Love this!!


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