Christmas Amnesia

images-4The boxes are out and as you unwrap each bauble and bell you wonder…..Where does this go?  Where did I put this last year?  Did we even have this box out last year? Is this mine? Where did this come from?

Every year, I get out the same decorations and wonder where they go.  Now, there are the ones I am certain of their placement.  The little ceramic tree goes on the buffet in the dining room (near the outlet.) The big photo of a couple looking at a tree goes centered over the family room couch and the nativity sits on the stand in the entryway, but what about all this other stuff?  This year, some of it is going back into the box and back into the basement! It doesn’t bring joy, it brings clutter, but wait! That’s a wreath made out of a paper plate by a first grader!  I’m not sure which of my kids created this one, but didn’t we always tape that up in the mudroom entry? Oh! And this! I think it’s supposed to be a snowman but has aged to a brown color and looks like a chicken nugget.  That will definitely be a conversation piece among the kids when they fly in for the holiday. OK, stop the reminiscing and get back to the decorating.  But again, the amnesia, does the garland (tinsel) go on the tree after the lights or is it last after the ornaments? How many times will I ask this same question?

Christmas Amnesia is not reserved for the decorating but also for gift giving too. What did I get so-and-so last year for Christmas?  Did I already give her a gift basket filled with coffees? Have I already sent the neighbor a fleece blanket? Does he love or hate the color Orange? I can’t remember! Is she on a diet or will she love these chocolates? Do we usually exchange gifts or can I skip this year?

The only positive thing about Christmas Amnesia is that we often forget how stinking frustrating the twinkle lights are each year! We get out the box of lights and envision the glow and warmth they will give. We test them and bask in the satisfaction of them working.  We FORGET that they only stop working when they are already hung!

May your Christmas season be full of memories and amnesia!


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