I Love You

14344892_1327377050636259_7147128361354595876_nSome people bring a certain light to every situation.  They are always there with a hug, a kind word and genuine care.  My friend, Shelley, is one of those people.  When you see her, you just smile because you know she is going to make you feel special.  She is going to encourage you intentionally or even unintentionally….it’s just who she is.  I want to share (with her permission) her Facebook post today to encourage you to start the new year out right.  Tell people you love them and strive to bring joy to others!

I feel compelled to send this out there today. Time after time in my life I have not listened to that inner voice we have that is called intuition. Well a few years back I stopped doing that. I now listen to that gut feeling and it always seems to pay off in the long run. As of late I have had a few people ask me WHY do you tell people you barely know That you love them, you don’t even know them! I have and always will believe that people meet each other for reasons bigger than us. Everyone at some point and time is a stranger, UNTIL you open up your heart and get to know them, I have made MANY friends this way and they all have a very special place in my heart. If I had never been kind to them , then I would have missed out on a lot of wonderful relationships. We are not promised tomorrow and I want everyone I care about to know it!!!! I want them to remember me as a loving person , who loved everyone !! I put forth effort to know people who make me happy, who I feel cares about people the same way I do, people who are kind. So to all the people who ask me WHY…This is why!! Take a minute to go out of your comfort zone to get to know someone, Smile and ask someone how they are. Shake someones hand and look them in the eye and say NICE TO MEET YOU!!!! It will do your heart some GOOD , For Goodness sake tell people you love just that…I LOVE YOU!!!!

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” –Matthew 19:19b

Thanks Shelley for being you!  I love you!




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2 responses to “I Love You

  1. Thanks from me for doing what you write about. I was a little down before Christmas. You put a bag together, and your hubby and you dropped them off on the way to Butler. You definetly lifted my spirits, Didn’t write a Thank you, so I hope you will except this as a huge thank you from me.
    Love, Peggy

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