January Christmas Card

fullsizerenderThe Christmas Cards never went out.  They rarely do.  I sometimes am organized enough to write a note to my church family and I did that, but all of the other people that I think about often just never know it.  Though I receive a card from them and it warms my heart, my card never arrives in their mailbox to warm theirs.  How selfish!  Why don’t I take the time to reciprocate and repay a card for a card?  I really should.  And, sometimes I do.  Sometimes in January I make an effort to respond to those cards I received.  I hope this is one of those Januaries, but it is now the 9th and I’ve yet to start.  It could be a LONG year!  So, in case you get a card, and in the better chance that you don’t, I decided that I would “send” you a Christmas letter via a blog post.

Dear Friend,

I do hope your holidays went well.  Our family was blessed with a great time of being together.  I don’t take that for granted like I used to.  Kevin currently owns a home in Bloomfield (Pittsburgh, PA) and though he helped his Dad out with Kevco this past year, he is moving on and returning to academia.  He will be attending California University of PA in the spring full time.  Lori & Cale live in Richmond, VA where Lori works for the Ryan White Foundation on AIDS research through Virginia Commonwealth University.  She is loving Richmond and we’ve been blessed to visit a couple of times.  We look forward to some warm weather trips to bike and hike, but she forbid us to visit in the sweltering summer heat.

Nicole is still Nannying in Denver, CO and we love to visit her and “her boys.”  She will be given the blessing of influencing a new baby in the family in March and we can’t wait to meet her/him!  She hurt her ankle bouldering at a gym, so we are hopeful that she can get that injury healed in 2017 to revive her outdoorsy lifestyle! She is also attending college part time which means that currently 3/5 of my children are college students!

Paul is a senior this year and attends Karns City High School 2 days a week and Glade Run Transitions Program 3 days a week.  He loves the work at GR, but loves the social aspect of KCHS, so he has the best of both worlds.  He was very active on the Soccer team in the fall and currently films the games for the basketball team which keeps him very busy.  He recently visited Nicole and traveled  home solo from Colorado.  He did great.

Kaylee is in 5th grade and loves all things purple, pink and sparkly!  She enjoys gymnastics and  dance and she tolerates her violin and piano lessons, but she LOVES singing and acting.  She sang the National Anthem for KCHS many times and performed solo at the Butler Blue Sox game.  She is always singing (though we often ask her to stop!) and she has her iPod in her hands at all times.

George is “semi-retired.”  He goes to Kevco 1-2 days/week and spends the rest of his time running kids to appointments & fixing stuff around the house, though he would like to hunt more.  Maybe when we finally get the house stuff done.  (Like that will ever happen!)  We really enjoy spending every weekend at the River House in the summer though that means just a different environment for George to fix stuff and instead of running kids in the car, he drags them behind the boat!

I manage to keep myself busy with lots of things, though no one can exactly figure out what they are…myself included.  I have retired from Usborne Books and More after 21 years.  (Though I can still hook you up if you are interested!)  I’ve maintained my many friendships from there and make every effort to meet up for lunches and teas as often as possible. I do still read my Bible and journal daily and continue to hope to find time to read and write more.  I know, I know, we always have time to do the things we really want to do.  I’ll get to it!

Christmas found us safe and healthy and it also found us a pair of kittens to adopt.  Claude and Sophia will fill whatever empty spot is being left by those leaving the nest.  They are adorable (which is why they rated the Christmas Card photo!)

It is my prayer that you will have a happy and prosperous new year and that you will sincerely try to truly see all the blessings that have been bestowed on you!  They are there but sometimes you have to be a little more intentional looking for them.

God Bless You!





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