Missing Money?


I rush upstairs to grab some ones out of the bankers’ envelope that I keep in my studio.  It was an envelope with some ones and fives that I could have on hand for the kids’ school needs.  A book order, new pencils, snacks for an after school activity.  Using my credit card for most of my purchases, I never have cash in my wallet.  SO, the envelope.  It was always there to meet the need.  Until today.  Today it is missing.  Did my Reactive Attachment Disordered son steal it?  Probably.  Yes, he steals often, so I bet he did.  However, there is this slight chance that I just mishid it.  Yep, new vocabulary word, “Mishid.”

See, living with a RAD kid means hiding all sorts of things, all the time.  His hypervigilance will note an extra $20 in his dad’s wallet when his dad opens the wallet to pay for parking. His darting eyes will spot a pack of gum in your purse. He will know where all the extras are that you are hoping to save for a special occasion.

So, the money is missing, but it may have been mishid. I may have thought he noticed the day when he asked me for $3 and he already knew that I didn’t have cash in my purse. (Cash in the purse is never an option with a RAD kid in the home!) I said I would get him the money and he noted my every move.  Though I thought I snuck into the studio and put the money in my back pocket and then opened and closed drawers and doors along the way, opened the coat closet and pretended to get things out of the pockets of winter coats….all in the hopes that he wouldn’t know where the money was stashed.  BUT, he beat me at this game again.  Or at least I think he did.  In reality, I may have at one point thought that he knew where it was and moved it to more inconvenient location.  This scenario happens more than I care to admit.  Twinkies will be eaten a box at a time OR they will be found where I hid them (in the china closet) way past the “Best used by” date. Packs of gum hidden in sock drawers are found after they are dry enough to crack each piece in half. Christmas presents are found when they no longer fit and small toys that were supposed to be prizes for good behavior may be found in rafters in the basement long after the child outgrew them.  That is the life we live.  Not to mention, the bacon hidden in cottage cheese containers in the fridge, the bag of change hidden under the cabinet where the cookbooks are, the bullion cubes hidden behind the cereal and the cell phone in the glove compartment of the car.

So, the money? Yeah, he probably stole it, but there is a chance it will surface again.  It doesn’t matter, the money was not able to be spent on the treats at school and the day was not spent doing anything but looking for the money.  For that, I am truly ticked!


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  1. My heart and prayer’s are with you.


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