Find Joy Through A Friend

unnamedAre you having a bad day?  Today, I am not so it’s a good time for me to consider what I should do when I do have a bad day which will certainly come. What do I do when I am having a bad day? Do I wallow in it and continue the bad day until I fall asleep or do I try to change it?  And, if I try to change it, what works?  I immediately realized what has often changed my bad day.  A fun conversation with a good friend! A conversation laced with humor and potentially some sarcasm as I relay what is happening in my life.

Have you shared your bad day with anyone?  Have you called that friend that always makes you laugh and said, “You will never believe what happened this morning!”  There is a good chance that simply by relaying your situation to the recipient, you will begin to see some humor in it OR just by sharing it, you will try to put some sort of humorous positive spin on it.  I recommend you give it a try!  Call a witty friend and relay to her what your home looked like as you tried to shuffle kids out the door while the cat escaped and someone spilled cereal and then you had to race back inside to get the forgotten library book and the cat escaped again and then you shut the door on your child’s finger while trying to save the cat and then you dropped the library book in the puddle.  None of that happened to me….today….but it has and it will again, I’m sure.  Maybe not the same situations but equally challenging ones are pretty routine around here. After sharing the story of your tense moments with a friend you may start to see how funny that would be in a 30-minute TV sitcom and you will see that you may as well enjoy it too.  As you start to laugh you will find your strength and hope returning and you will see that you can make it through another day.  You will make it through this day, too, even if it is only to get funnier material to share with your friend tomorrow.  And remember, if your friend calls you, it’s your job to point out the humor in her story also.

… Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”  –Nehemiah 8:10


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