Comparison Girl – A Book Review

IMG_2986Me? A Comparison Girl?  Yep.  Every single day.  Every single second of each day it seems.  Shannon Popkin in her book Comparison Girl – Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-up World pointed it out to me vividly.  In her new book, Shannon shares her Bible knowledge and God’s truth in a very easy, relatable way.

Short chapters chock full of Biblical truths show us, Comparison Girls, how to free ourselves from bondage in the areas of sin, wealth, appearance, ministries, and status. She reinforces our need to stop trying to measure up but to spend our time and resources by pouring out on others.

I found myself saying “ouch” in almost every chapter as she seemed to identify many of my struggles as a woman today in a world full of Facebook posts, filters, and airbrushed pictures.  And, whether I have an over-inflated or under-inflated opinion of myself, my opinion still focuses on self.

In chapter 2, Comparing your sin and mine, she gives a great example of how we notice others’ sin and not our own at times.  Shannon defines the “sin of disgust” as she shares a story of someone walking into the church and this person “doesn’t belong.”  She points out that some people would choose to not sit with this individual.  Just as I was reading and believing that I was one of the “good ones” who would sit with her, she prompted me to examine how I was viewing those who wouldn’t.  Was I comparing down with disgust? ” We comparison girls tend to minimize our own sin of looking down on sinful people …we fail to see our contempt as sin. Each eye-roll horrified gasp, or look of disgust cast toward others is offensive to God, their Maker.”  Ouch! But Wait!  After she points out our shortfalls or shortcomings she recuses us with Jesus’s words in a clear Bible study with relevant questions for self-discovery and scripture leading us to resolve and renewal.  Finally, each chapter closes with a pertinent scripture meditation.

This book would make a wonderful Bible study for a group of friends or a Mother/Daughter book club.  I believe this information is important for women of all ages and I believe we would benefit by learning these truths sooner rather than later.  I’m going to go share some notes with my 14-year-old daughter now!

Connect with Shannon Popkin by visiting, following her on Facebook (shanpopkin) or following her via Twitter (@ShannonPopkin).


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