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Inauguration Day

us-capitol-west-front-inauguration-2009-barack-obamaI am not political, though I am aware.  I have opinions, but I choose not to share.  It’s who I am and who I feel I was made to be.  I’ve listened to opinions on all sides and I respect you even if your opinion is different than mine.  So, I will not share my opinion regarding today’s big event….however, I will share my opinion of what the conflict surrounding today’s event does to my soul.

I decided to scroll through Facebook this morning and I see some positive and some negative comments regarding Trump’s Inauguration.  Both make me feel a little uneasy…then I scroll a little further and see the following post:


A little more scrolling and I am relieved to see my all time favorite scripture:


And lastly I can rest assured with the lyrics from Natalie Grant’s “King of the World.”

May God Bless America….Listen in:

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