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A Facebook Birthday

We all know that Facebook can be fun, but can also be a HUGE waste of time.  When I don’t know what I want to tackle in the way of chores, projects, or tasks, I tend to sit down and check Facebook.  Still not wanting to complete the necessary duties of being a homemaker, I read all the post, refresh and then check again.  It’s a vortex of wasted time & it tends to zap the energy and the motivation to do anything out of me.  However, I feel some sort of sick satisfaction when I have checked it and can feel like I completed that task.  BUT, Refresh? and I’m back in!

While talking to some friends about my use…or misuse of Facebook, one commented that she checks in daily to see whose birthday it is so that she can wish them a “Happy Birthday.”  I explained that I don’t do that for anyone, so that I don’t have to fear forgetting anyone.  BUT, then I had my Birthday.

This was #52 for me and this year I had a good attitude (unlike #50.)  I didn’t have big plans but looked forward to shopping with my sister and having lunch out.  Everyone in my family remembered me and I had a great day.  Then, I checked Facebook.  One Hundred and Eleven people took the time to write on my wall!  Who does that?!  111 of my friends, that’s who!  I read each one and shared a moment remembering each person who sent it.  I took the time to give each comment a thumbs up (like) & felt a little more special for an already special day. It certainly changed my perspective of the Happy Birthday Trend on Facebook.

So, will I remember to always post a memo to each of my 459 friends?  Maybe not each one, but I will definitely do more. And, to those 111 of you….Thank You!  It warmed my heart.  I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and know that your gesture has prompted me to be a bit more thoughtful to others on their special day.

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2o Fridays until Christmas!

20 Fridays until Christmas.  Seriously?  I just saw this post on Facebook.  20 Fridays until Christmas?!  What was that post supposed to motivate me to do?  Panic? Shop? Bake?  Laugh perhaps?  Let’s see, what did it make me do?  It made me think.  In 20 Fridays I wonder what I could accomplish.  I could start now and do a bit of Christmas prep each Friday and be ahead of the game come December 25th (which actually IS a Friday.)  Or, I could spend each Friday doing the Spring cleaning I intended to do in the Spring.  Maybe I should spend the next 20 Fridays working on the New Years Resolutions that have fallen by the wayside.  I could learn a language, take a class, learn to paint, start exercising.

But what will I really do with the next 20 Fridays?  I’ll live.  Yes, I’ll spend the summer Fridays preparing food for the weekend at the River, the fall Fridays will be full of finishing up the school week and ferrying kids to football and soccer games, Thanksgiving will come and I will stress over there only being only 3 Fridays until Christmas.  (Wow.  Only 3 Fridays between Thanksgiving and Christmas and Black Friday definitely won’t count for Christmas Prep.)

So, instead of stressing or even pondering any longer how many Fridays are left until Christmas, I think I’ll just live through the rest of This Tuesday, This Wednesday, This Thursday and try to fully ENJOY This Friday and every other Friday until December 25th.

Thanks Facebook friend for giving me this thought.  Happy Friday….oh, and Merry Christmas in case I run out of time to wish you that later!

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