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I Love You

14344892_1327377050636259_7147128361354595876_nSome people bring a certain light to every situation.  They are always there with a hug, a kind word and genuine care.  My friend, Shelley, is one of those people.  When you see her, you just smile because you know she is going to make you feel special.  She is going to encourage you intentionally or even unintentionally….it’s just who she is.  I want to share (with her permission) her Facebook post today to encourage you to start the new year out right.  Tell people you love them and strive to bring joy to others!

I feel compelled to send this out there today. Time after time in my life I have not listened to that inner voice we have that is called intuition. Well a few years back I stopped doing that. I now listen to that gut feeling and it always seems to pay off in the long run. As of late I have had a few people ask me WHY do you tell people you barely know That you love them, you don’t even know them! I have and always will believe that people meet each other for reasons bigger than us. Everyone at some point and time is a stranger, UNTIL you open up your heart and get to know them, I have made MANY friends this way and they all have a very special place in my heart. If I had never been kind to them , then I would have missed out on a lot of wonderful relationships. We are not promised tomorrow and I want everyone I care about to know it!!!! I want them to remember me as a loving person , who loved everyone !! I put forth effort to know people who make me happy, who I feel cares about people the same way I do, people who are kind. So to all the people who ask me WHY…This is why!! Take a minute to go out of your comfort zone to get to know someone, Smile and ask someone how they are. Shake someones hand and look them in the eye and say NICE TO MEET YOU!!!! It will do your heart some GOOD , For Goodness sake tell people you love just that…I LOVE YOU!!!!

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” –Matthew 19:19b

Thanks Shelley for being you!  I love you!



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Last week I had the opportunity to meet up with a dear friend.  She and I have been friends for almost 20 years and though we live in separate states, we continue to make every effort we can to stay in touch on a really deep level.  She is one that I confide in and share everything with.  And, she’s a safe friend to do that with given that she is not around here and hasn’t formed her own opinions of the situations in my life.

Anyhow, last week we spent over four hours sitting at a Bob Evans restaurant that was a halfway meeting point for both of our drives.  (Thank you dear waitress for tolerating us.  We hope your tip showed our appreciation.)  In the course of our conversation we laughed at how many times we tend to quote each other and share the wisdom provided by the other.  People who have never even met her say things like, “Well, What does Suzanne think you should do?” and “Didn’t your friend Suzanne once suggest this or that?”  What a gift.

At the end of our visits I am always energized and encouraged.  I have spent the visit sharing, heeding advice and learning.  She is a wise soul.  But, the thing that I treasure most about her is what she pointed out to me years ago.

On one of our lengthy phone conversations, I went on and on telling her about the melodrama that I call my life and she input a few “un-huhs” and “oh I see”s.  I rambled on and on and after I hung up, I wondered why she would even be my friend.  Why would someone let me go on like that?  When I asked her about it, she simply replied, “I’m a listener.”  Seriously?!  A Listener?  Some people are listeners and they are comfortable in that role?  What a light bulb moment for me. I’m a talker (& writer, obviously) and others are listeners.  Isn’t that a blessing?  I am so appreciative of others who have different gifts and talents.  She’s a listener.  I’m a talker.  Some listeners may shake their heads at talkers and think, “Why would she share that?”, but I hope not.  I hope that we can both learn from the other.  I hope that my talking and sharing encourages someone who listens and I promise you that your listening encourages me.  Thank you sweet listeners of the world!

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Why I Work

“Hang in there…sometimes life hands you lemons, but then you can make lemonade.  Of course, sometimes life pulls down your pants runs a power sander across your naked butt, then pours lemon juice on your raw, abraded buttocks.  In that case, a cool citrus drink wouldn’t really help but, darn it…you’ve got to hang in there anyway!” –Just being realistic – I know this sucks, Love you and can’t wait to see you in Tulsa.  Judy.

That is why i work.  So I can meet friends just like Judy, the one who sent me that card last year.  You see, last June, my special needs son stole a gun and shot the end of his thumb off.  It was an extremely traumatic experience for him and for our entire family.  It was then that I reached out to my work associates from across the country to ask for prayers and support.  I work for Usborne Books & More and have for almost 20 years.  In Multilevel Marketing we often talk about sharing our “why.”  Each person has a unique “why.”  Why they got started in business, why it is important for them.  Well, This is my why:  When my son had his accident, my husband was working out of town.  After the trip in the ambulance and preparing my son to go by helicopter to the children’s hospital, I held it together.  I answered the questions (interrogations at times) & remained semi-calm.  When I returned home that evening at about 3 a.m., I broke down.  Sobs.  I got on to facebook and saw another Usborne consultant from Colorado post, “Why am I unable to sleep?”  I messaged Beth and said, “To keep me off the cliff!”  She “talked” to me through the night and recruited other friends to pray for me and encourage me.  A couple of weeks later, I was able to attend the National Convention in Tulsa, OK  to receive the hugs and kind, caring words from my supportive friends.  My roommate Susan listened to me & helped me process the whole ordeal.  It also allowed me a legitimate excuse to travel away from my home which was still in a state of wound care and sensitive feelings.

Later that summer, a different son, made the announcement that he intended to ride his bike across the USA alone. (In case this Mom hadn’t had enough to worry about.)  His plan was to couch surf (code for meet strangers on the internet and stay with them.)  He traveled successfully quite a while, but was concerned about some routes that would take him through Ferguson, MO during the time of the riots.  As my husband was on the phone with him, I got out my address book and started pointing to Charlene (another co-worker)’s address & phone number.  “Call her!  Call her!  Call her!”  He did and she was able to celebrate my son’s 25th Birthday with him.

These are just a few of the recent examples of how the people are my “WHY.”  In the past, I met a woman at a home show, she later became a consultant and mentioned her husband was going on a mission trip to Haiti.  My husband overheard me telling her that maybe he should go along.  George said, “Be careful what you wish for.”  My husband did go with her husband to Haiti (without even meeting him first!) & my son and husband joined him the following year!  After adopting my daughter, I found that I was in need of some new friends….I needed moms who had younger daughters.  Usborne allowed me to meet those moms and now my best friends are past consultants or hostesses.  When I look at my contact list on my phone, it utterly amazes me how Usborne has introduced me to all of these quality people.

When I started with Usborne the CEO, Randall White,  suggested I surround myself with successful people.  My joke is that I do surround myself with successful people, I just didn’t become one of them.  In reality, though, I have been extremely successful in my business.  I have met all of these people and can call them true friends.  Oftentimes, the Why is about so much more than the work.


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