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Count Your Sharks’ Teeth

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Count your sharks’ teeth name them one by one.  Can you sing along?  I am currently on vacation on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  (I can admit to readers that I am away from home because my home is protected by my prank-pulling sister in law.  Burglars wouldn’t be safe to enter. View previous posts for more details!)  Anyhow, where we vacation each year is a beach blessed with Sharks’ Teeth.  Fossilized shark teeth are strewn across the beach by waves and mix in nicely with the small shells.  We spend much of our vacation looking at the little black triangles.  Some large, some small, some sharp, some worn smooth to an almost boomerang shape &  some even have an orange tint to them.  But, they are all sharks’ teeth from many years ago.

This year, as I was looking down and picking up these teeth on my walk down the beach, I thought of the hymn, “Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your blessings, see what God has done.  Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done.”  I started to see a correlation between these sharks’ teeth and the blessings God sends me each day.

  1.  There are lots of blessings there.  You just have to bend over, look for them and pick them up.  Some are small and you may not deem them worth the effort, but if you collect enough of the wee ones, you will end up with a nice, interesting selection to study at the end of the day.
  2. Sometimes you may overlook many of the little blessings (teeth) that are there as you seek and concentrate on trying to find the big one.  Your eyes are focused and you are intent on getting that one big blessing that you will be able to talk about for years.  You step on all the other ones as you walk on by.
  3. You may be so busy gathering all the little ones that you never even notice an unexpected blessing that is near.  Yesterday, as my head was down and my back was bent picking up many little sharks teeth, a sunbather up the beach was yelling at me.  I ignored her a bit not sure she was speaking to me, but after she insisted, I raised my head to see her pointing.  She was sharing a sighting of porpoises playing in the surf.  I almost missed that blessing as I gathered up my little ones.
  4. Kaylee was with me gathering sharks teeth one morning and we found ourselves standing in a spot that had lots of shells.  I told her to just stay put and see how many sharks teeth she could find by not moving.  It donned on me then that maybe sometimes God says the same thing to me.  “Look for the blessings where you are now.  Stay put.  Wait.”  The blessings may arrive with the next gentle wave.

The comparison between gathering sharks’ teeth and gathering blessings can go on and on.  And, as I type, I realize that many people will never get the opportunity to hunt sharks’ teeth on the beach….but everyone can count their many blessings to see what God has done!

sharks teeth 2

Simple Definition of blessing

  • : approval that allows or helps you to do something

  • : help and approval from God

  • : something that helps you or brings happiness


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