The “C” Word

IMG_1972I’ve heard people in the past say that they were afraid of the “C” word after having some medical testing.  Of course, the “C” word they were talking about was Cancer, but in recent news, there is another “C” word we seem to all be talking about.  Coronavirus. COVID 19. After calling it the “C” word, I had a little bit of fun while reading the paper.  One page of my local newspaper had 3 articles regarding the current situation and it was full of “C” words!

Cancellations, Confusion, Causes, China, Concern, Critical, Carriers, Customs, Cold Symptoms, Country Curtailed, Closings, Care, Cough, Chaos, Crisis, Co-morbidity, Change, Cautions, Close, CDC, Cases, Confirmed, Criticism.

Maybe we need to infuse some more words into the mix!

Caring, Capable, Comfort, Courage, Creative, Couples, Communicating, Civil, Cozy, Calm, Compassionate, Contentment, Confident, Curiosity, Cheerful, Calls,

So I’ve played a little word game with the newspaper today….how are you entertaining yourselves?

P.S.  Please don’t share your Crabby, Critical, Cynical Comments about how Cabin fever is making you Crazy, which might make me Cranky!

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